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Report Guide

Post by Rick Kraut » Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:51 pm

Their username(s):
steam-id or discord tag: (or other relevant denitrification)
What they did:
Your proof:
When did this happen:

some examples (you don't have to copy this part, and it will be removed from any posts we see)
A good one
their username(s): Pierpoint
steam-id or discord tag: Pierpont#0767
what they did: Keeps posting gore everywhere
Your proof: I'd post a link but id get banned, just look at their post activity.
When did this happen: Constantly, he thinks its funny.

A bad one
steam-id or discord tag: how git thet?
chek legos u luzres
What they did: uh, nevwer on
When did this happen: well, he nevr on al tim, so loke, all th thyme.