Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Crushed Gaming. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. DarkRP

    1. General Rules

      1. Be respectful to all players. Harassment of any sort is not allowed. #
      2. Any threats or intent to harm other players in the community out of ROLE-PLAYING context is a permanent ban. #
      3. Do not complain about staff decisions in game. Appeals or reports can be made on the forums. #
      4. Avoiding punishments will result in a permanent ban. #
      5. A staff member has the final say on their decision about a rule including those not explicitly stated in the rules. #
      6. Anyone caught encouraging others to violate rules will have an equal or greater punishment to the rule violation. #
      7. You may not interrupt an Admin sit. #
      8. Your name must be spelled using the ENGLISH alphabet. No special characters. #
      9. Absolutely no advertising of any kind out of character is allowed without a superadmin's permission. This will result a permanent ban. #
      10. Absolutely no exploiting of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to: hacking, spamming, and attempting to crash the server. #
      11. USE COMMON SENSE --- Treat this game like reality. Don't do something you wouldn't do in real life. #
    2. RP Rules

      1. RDM Rules

        1. Players directly harming and/or PHYSICALLY threatening your life, property and/or freedom may be killed without warning. #
        2. Lethal damage may be inflicted during wars AGAINST THE OTHER TEAM may be done without warning. #
        3. All other cases of justified killing require a valid 5 second verbal or typed out warning. #
        4. If a player you're interacting with suddenly pulls out any sort of weapon without warning and/or is threatening you with a weapon/tool (including arrest baton), you can respond by killing them in self defense. #
        5. You may NOT come back and kill your killer if you were RDMed. If you were RDMed, figure out a creative way to take revenge or call an admin. You'll receive an even bigger punishment by revenge RDMing. #
      2. New Life Rule (NLR)

        1. On CRUSHED DarkRP, New Life Rule doesn't exist. HOWEVER, revenge RDMing, arresting, or any other revenge action is PROHIBITED. You may NOT come back to your killer and inflict any sort of harm on them purely because they killed you. #
      3. FailRP Rules

        1. You may NOT enter a safezone to avoid arrest or any form of harm that another player is attempting to inflict upon you. #
        2. You may NOT kill yourself to avoid any RP situation, good or bad.
          1. EXAMPLE: If you're getting mugged, you can't kill yourself to get away. You can run, you can fight, but you can't kill yourself.
      4. Metagaming Rules

        1. You cannot assume people's jobs without witnessing their actions.
          1. EXAMPLE: Just because someone is a thief doesn't mean they should be arrested because they are walking around being a thief.
      5. Props and Entities Rules

        1. Prop/Entity spamming, blocking, climbing, pushing, surfing, and minging is not allowed. #
        2. Do not spawn props inside of other players’ bases during raids. #
        3. Building abnormally large bases, obscene objects, or things blocking the road will result in them being removed. #
        4. You may not spawn any massive props if they block, distract, disrupt, cause lag, or annoy any players. Any staff member may remove your prop at any moment if it's too big and interfering with anything. If there's a prop that you believe should be blacklisted, contact an admin. #
      6. Basing and Building Rules

        2. Unraidable bases are not allowed. Your base must be provably raidable or it will be at risk of removal. It can be extremely hard to raid, but if an admin asks for proof you must prove it. #
        3. You can have a "BUILDING" sign (using textscreen) on your base to isolate and protect yourself from the RP world while you set up base. #
        4. YOU MAY NOT have printers or any other roleplaying entities while you have this sign and the sign MUST be removed when you are finished. #
        5. You can only place KOS lines in or on your base. The sidewalk and street do not count as your base. #
        6. You must buy every single door in an area and have at least 4 people in your party to build a megabase*. #
        7. The maximum amount of fading doors per base is FOUR. (If megabase, 6.) #
        8. The maximum amount of keypads per base is EIGHT. (If megabase, 12.) #
        9. Fading doors that do not function as a base's primary defense (fading doors that players need to bypass to actually enter the base) DO NOT count towards the maximum fading door limit of 4 (6 for megabases) and the maximum keypad limit of 8 (12 for megabases).
          1. EXAMPLE: Fading doors used to protect printers or bitminers will NOT count towards the maximum fading door limit.
          2. NOTE: A *cell counts towards a base's maximum of four keypads.
        10. Fading doors must have a minimum 5 second hold time and a maximum 10 second hold time. #
        11. A keypad or button to a fading door must be clearly identifiable. Every fading door MUST have at least one keypad or button. #
        12. You may NOT use invisible materials to confuse and block players. #
        13. You may NOT use moving, blinking, flashing, or strobing materials/props in/on your base. #
        14. The max level of brightness you can use on a light is 3. #
        15. You may NOT build while you're being raided. #
        16. You may NOT *fading door abuse when you're in combat or in danger.
          1. EXAMPLE: You're being shot at or you're being raided.
        17. fading door abusing: using your assigned fading door button to open or close a fading door. #
        18. *megabase: a large base owned by a group of four or more people that blocks off a portion of the map. #
        19. cell: a small room consisting of one entrance and exit functioning as a container for hostages. #
      7. RP Relationship Rules

        1. You are free to protect players that you have an RP relationship with (the first rule of RDM extends to these people).

          Ways to be RP related:

          1. Job/Class – This takes priority over all other RP relations. You must follow all class rules before considering RP relation.
          2. Owning the same base - You may only protect those within the vicinity of your base.
          3. Hired/Working Together – You must be either jobs that can setup shop together or hired as a guard.
      8. Raiding, Mugging, Carjacking, and Kidnapping Rules

        1. You DO NOT need to advert for any of these actions. #
        2. You (and players cooperating with you) must wait 10 minutes before performing these actions again, and 20 minutes before performing these actions again on the same person, base, or organization.
          1. You may not KOS anyone in the area unless they are directly interfering with your crime.
          2. You CANNOT multi-advert actions that are different from each other.
            1. Example: /advert raid/mug/carjack/kidnap/counter
          3. You CAN multi-advert actions that are the same thing that their cores.
            1. Example: /advert raid/police raid/revenge raid
          4. You can counter only if the victim of the crime is your party member or if you're rp related to the victim of the crime: see RP Relationships for more details. All other counters are not allowed unless it's your job to help them.
        3. Mugging Rules

          1. Maximum amount you can mug: $10,000 #
          2. Must give a verbal or typed out warning and grant victims at least 5 seconds to react and comply. #
          3. Any signs of hostile intentions from the victim (taking out weaponry) is KOS, this does NOT apply if the victim already has a weapon out. #
          4. Any signs of clear clear clear clear CLEAR attempts of escape from the victim renders them KOS. #
        4. Kidnapping Rules

          1. As a kidnapper, you MUST have a ransom set on your hostage. #
          2. The maximum time a hostage can be held for is 10 minutes. #
          3. ONLY CRIMINAL JOBS with kidnapping privileges are allowed to take people hostage unless stated otherwise in their job descriptions. #
          4. NO kidnapping (restraining or using knockout weapons) is allowed in the main spawn area. #
        5. Raiding Rules

          1. Once you’ve completed your raid, you must leave immediately. You cannot occupy the base. #
          2. You must have a party of at least four people to attempt to raid and take over the PD. Once leaving, you can be killed by government jobs on the way out. You can also fight back. #
          3. You MUST provide a safe and clear exit for any government players spawning in the PD. If the freshly spawned government player doesn't leave the PD before their invincibility period runs out, you may kill them. This DOES NOT apply if they are unable to leave the building due to prop block, player block, or any other type of blockage #
          4. You CANNOT go back to the victim's base as a raider. You CAN go back as a defender. #
    3. Job Rules

      1. Every job has their RP relationships, ability to raid, ability to mug, ability to carjack, and ability to kidnap listed on their descriptions. #
      2. Demotions Rules

        1. Demotions are only for people who fail to complete the objectives of a certain job. Unique scenarios for demotion may be provided in the class rules provided. You may not vote to demote without a valid reason. #
        2. If a staff member is online, do not demote for server rule violations. The staff will take care of that. #
        3. A demotion can be put into play if the target player is not carrying out job objectives. However, if there are laws that interfere with their job's objective, they cannot be demoted for that. #
      3. Government Class Rules

        1. In the PD, the president has the say in what to build. If there is no president, then it is passed on to the chief of police. If there is no chief of police, do not build in the PD. #
        2. Props, including fading doors, blocking off doorways in the PD are not allowed. #
        3. The President MAY NOT create any laws that interfere with the server rules. This will result in a demote and possibly worse.
          1. EXAMPLE: President creates a law stating RDM is allowed or a certain job/player is KOS/AOS.
        4. The President MAY NOT make a law that prohibits any sort of in-game walking or speech. #
        5. Government jobs may not own base doors other than the ones in PD. YOU MUST sell all of your doors if you change from a non-government class to a government class. #
        6. Government jobs must arrest instead of killing after giving a valid 5 second warning, unless a life is under immediate threat. #
        7. Government jobs must have a valid and rational reason to want, warrant or arrest an individual. #
        8. Government jobs may KOS/AOS a non-government player if they have a gun out anywhere past the lobby in the PD. #
        9. Government jobs may resort to KOS if they are under immediate threat.
          1. EXAMPLE: A player walks up to you or a fellow cop with an assault rifle out and threatens to shoot/starts shooting.
        10. Government jobs may only build checkpoints if authorized by the president or chief of police if the president isn't on. Otherwise, checkpoints may not be built. #
        11. Government jobs may not place illegal items inside a base to arrest or warrant them. #
        12. Government jobs may not own illegal entities. #
        13. Government jobs may only raid with a warrant. #
        14. Government jobs cannot raid with criminals. #
        15. IF a player is wanted, government jobs must make every attempt to arrest FIRST, unless they are putting anyone's life under immediate threat. #
      4. Job Specific Rules

        1. Hitman

          1. You can accept one hit every 10 minutes. Wait 20 minutes to accept a hit on the same person. #
          2. The maximum hit price you're allowed to set is $20,000 #
        2. Pedophile

          1. You can use the rape swep once every 5 minutes. You can use the rape swep on the same person once every 10 minutes. #
        3. Meth Dealer

          1. If your meth drop-off is in a base or in gang territory, you are obligated an escort to it. #
        4. Hobos

          1. You can build on the street, but only on the sidewalks. Your building cannot overlap onto the road. #
          2. The only guns you can own are pistols. #
  2. Forum

    1. Respect Rule

      1. Not going to ask you to go full RESPECT on others, just keep it respectful, no hate, no flaming. #
    2. Argument Rules

      1. Arguments are cool, but be chill, if they get out of hand, we will know. #
      2. Starting too many arguments, no matter where they reside, will put you on a watch list. #
    3. Misc Rules

      1. Impersonation of staff, or other people on the forums is not permitted. #
      2. Alternate accounts are not permitted. #
      3. Don't Spam #
      4. Doxing
        searching for and posting private or identifying information about (a particular individual) is not permitted.
      5. Topic Bumping
        1. Commonly a very short reply inferring that you want to improve traffic on it.
          1. Examples: bump, the ratings (+/-1), dot (like a period or some shit)
        2. You only get one per topic, topic owner can not bump.
          • (No self bumping)
        3. You are required to have a coherent and understandable reason for your bump/rating.

      6. Advertising
        • Advertisements are generally not permitted, please get at least two admins or higher to sign off on it.
          (also have them reply saying they do)

      7. Not Safe For Work content
        • Posting something that would be considered NSFW is not permitted.
      8. Rating Violation
        • Asking for or exchanging "+1"'s or other application ratings.

      9. Intentionally posting false or misleading information
        • of any kind on any of the following is not permitted.
          This includes:
          • Applications
          • Reports
          • Appeals

      10. Exploits/Gliches/Hacking
        • It should NOT have to be said, but you are not allowed to use or abuse ANY GLITCH, or EXPLOIT any feature, or attempt to HACK any part of the forum without EXPLICIT PERMISSION from Rick Kraut.
          • If you stumble onto a possible GLITCH or EXPLOIT, report it immediately to Rick Kraut, waiting, or continuing to pursue the use of, or abuse of a GLITCH, or EXPLOIT will result in PUNISHMENT.
    4. Special Case

        • You can ONLY post one application a week (duplicate posts will just get deleted) Even if you haven't been denied.
        • If you need help, ask a staff member on writing it.
        • Failing to fix any major issue with your application within a 24-48 hour period will result in a denial these are:
          • Failing Formatting properly
          • Failing meet the hours required
          • Failing to answer a question
          • Lying on a staff application.
            • Miscommunications will be accepted, as long as they are fixed and communicated somewhere. (i.e staff recommendations, hours)
  3. Staff Rules

    1. No fights, don't start them, don't end them. they look bad, they end bad. #
    2. There are going to be differences on judgments, but that doesn't mean you can just overrule them, work it out. #
    3. Because of the way certain things are handled by the forums, (not necessarily the staff), if you feel that one of the other forum staff members is abusing power, or causing to many issues for others. feel free to directly contact any of the forum administrators, or Sluge, but only do so if you have verifiable proof. (this can also be done here: Staff Reports)
      • Forum staff reports will be taking under special consideration, and will be given special treatment, And, for the most part, be done slightly differently, as is why it should be private messaged to a forum administrator or Sluge.
    4. Power Abuse will not be tolerated, and can and very much will lead to punishment. #
    5. sharing any and all information that only staff can see on the forums. #
    6. Behave, not just not fighting, but, be presentable. #
    7. You are expected to at least be knowledgeable to reference rules on the forums, AKA know the rules you enforce #
    8. Goes without saying, but the rules apply to EVERYONE, not just the users... #