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used for official, public loans between users.
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please try not to use this for real money exchanges, if it becomes a problem, then there will be some actual rules about it...
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Ricks Loans


Post by Rick Kraut » Sun Apr 21, 2019 5:42 pm

for 5 days, 5% of my worth, rounded to the second highest digit, at 5% a day after transaction.
for 1 day, 10% of my worth, rounded to the second highest digit, at 0.105% every hour after transaction.
loanee: 3201105 (5% worth or lower)
3200000, your debt for the next five days are 3360000, 3528000, 3704400, 3889620, 4084101
you can calculate this by multiplying your ask by (1.05)^5

loanee : 5000000 (10% worth to anything above 5% at time of ask)
5000000, your debt for the next 24 hours,
im to lazy to calculate this 24 times... so here is the result 6424534.01
you can calculate this by multiplying your ask by (1.0105)^24

you are expected to pay back the loan in one week, failure to do so will get you some interest added to your fees, usually about 5% of original interest a day, so don't put your self in that nightmare, you you might end up in more debt then sickness has money to pay for, if you are to eclipse (have more debt) then you can pay... ever. your debt will lock, and you will be blacklisted from my loans until the debt is payed.

if you cant pay a loan back in the week you are provided... this is how your debt will be collected
[payment you were supposed to make]*(([percent in decimal form]^[days since the end of the week you were supposed to pay back the loan])^2)
example: 100(1.05^30)^2
if you want a more... visual example of that: plug n(1.05^x)^2 into Demos, set n to what ever value you asked...

as a suggestion, don't take a loan more then 40% of your worth, sure you might make money off of it. but if you fuck up, you are prob going to lose 50% of your worth.

also note, that for those of you who think they can just take a loan, and not pay it, I will eventually just deduct the loan from your worth (for those of you who are interested in it, I am also willing to do so for your clients)... even if that means you will go into debt on the forums, and yes that is possible...
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