Forum Staff Rules

Rick Kraut

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Jun 30, 2020
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If you can not wholeheartedly agree to all of these rules then don't be staff.

  • LEAKS will not be tolerated.
  • Behave, you should all be at least be somewhat familiar with B1ue at this point... don't be that childish, if you have not experienced him call him on discord...
  • Forum Access, those that Should not be able to see an area, and then somehow mysteriously "get access" will be considered Leaks.
  • No fights, don't start them, don't end them, they look bad, they end bad.
  • Settle your differences, please settle any major personal issues you have with anyone on the forums staff, while there will be differences, in judgement, or how a job should be done, do so amicably.
  • Power Abuse will not be tolerated, and can and very much will lead to punishment.
  • Behave, not just not fighting, but, be presentable.
  • Know the rules, you are here to enforce them, so you are required to know them.
  • When in doubt ask, I don't really have a better way of puting it, but really, if for some reason you feel the need just pm @Rick Kraut
  • Goes without saying, but the rules apply to EVERYONE, not just the users...

Because of the way certain things are handled by the forums, (not necessarily the staff), if you feel that one of the other forum staff members is abusing power, or causing to many issues for others. feel free to directly contact the forum administrator, or Sluge, but only do so if you have verifiable proof. (this can also be done here: (link)