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Post by Sluge » Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:17 pm

Please be patient when waiting for your custom job to be made, especially if the server is busy.
Lying about any payments will revoke your custom class WITHOUT refund.

Below are all the things you can add to your custom job. Keep in mind all custom jobs have a starting fee of $10:

Your SteamID:

Job Name:

Job Color (if not government):

Job type (write yes next to the type of your choosing):

- Neutral

- Government (comes with access to PD doors, arrest/unarrest batons, and battering ram) $4

- Criminal $2

Tools (if government):

- Government radio (to communicate with other government jobs) $3

Privileges (if criminal):

- Can raid (comes with lockpick and keypad cracker) $4

- Can kidnap (comes with knockout baton and restrains) $4

- Can mug $2

- Can rob the bank $2

Job Abilities:

-Can DJ(in your base only and you follow normal DJ rules) $5

- Hitman $15

Weapons (write the name of the weapon you'd like to spawn with next to it's weapon type, these weapons must be buyable from a gundealer):

- Pistol $3

- Rifle $4

- Shotgun (Not Double-Barrel) $4

- Double-Barrel Shotgun $15

- Sniper(Not M82 Barret) $5

-M82 Barret $12

- Vortigaunt Beam (Dark mage/Arcane mage weapon) $12

- Lightsaber $15

- Batclaw $8

- Ninja Kunai $12

Vapes (you can choose more than one):

- Default Vape $1

- Golden Vape $1

- Hallucinogenic Vape $1

- Juicy Vape $2

- American Vape $2

- Medicinal Vape (heals yourself) $5


- Pro Lockpick and Pro Keypad Cracker (if criminal) $5

- Bible Swep $2

-Dog Swep $2

-Damascus Sword $5

Extra Slots ($5 each):

- Friend's STEAM ID:

- Friend's STEAM ID:

- Friend's STEAM ID:

Custom Player Model $40 - MUST be under 2 mb.

You can choose a Half-Life player model to use for free. Otherwise, any player model in the server is $10.

You can find a list of Half-Life player models here:

Name of player model (in the server):

Link to custom playermodel:

The fee to change your model is $10. If you want to use someone else's custom model, you need their permission first.

Make a new thread with your version of this request forum and private message Sluge on discord and we will let you know what the total amount comes up to and the steps to follow after that. Thank you for helping us keep our server up and running, and have fun! We prioritize creating your jobs, but if we are busy, please be patient. Under no circumstances can you be refunded.

A fee of $5 will be required for replacing any items equally or more expensive than the new items you want.
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