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Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 12:21 am
by Rick Kraut
add to the list if you will (link would be nice) and the highest position they had.

Sluge - Owner

B1ue - Manager (former)
abigaillmarie - Manager (former)
donny - Manager

rock - Head Admin

"OG stalin" - Super Admin (former) [no account linked]
"kasumi" - Super Admin (former) [no account linked]
" tuckinator" - Super Admin (former) [no account linked]
CRUSHED Yeet - Super Admin (former)
BhocolateBhipBookies - Super Admin (former)
PeepZ part 2 - Super Admin (former)
AGuyWhoLikesCabinets - Super Admin (former)
Dapeep - Super Admin (former)

LilAdvil(Nights) - Senior Admin (former)
FaZe Stalin - Senior Admin
GEKO - Senior Admin

Mayor Naheed Nenshi - Admin (former)
Nexie - Admin (former)

"27club" - Senior mod (former) [no account linked]
"phantom" - Senior mod (former) [no account linked]
Console - Senior mod (former)
djax - Senior Mod (former)
Jacob - Senior Mod
NorthKyle - Senior Mod
zappy94 - Senior Mod

"ljcocoa" - Mod (former) [no account linked]
"bork bork" - Mod (former) [no account linked]
"tobi" - Mod (former) [no account linked]
"fuwa" - Mod (former) [no account linked]
"peepee" - Mod (former) [no account linked]
Grimace - Mod (former)
FTP - Mod (former)
Sickness - Mod (former)
_ooo - Mod (former)
Toe Nibbler - Mod (former)
Gookward - Mod (former)
rudevin2005 - Mod


Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 1:26 am
by djax
done these
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what about your boy as senior mod?
also gookward as mod, bookies as super admin, OG stalin as super admin, abi as manager, ooconnor as mod, toe nibbler as mod, peepz as super admin, 27club as senior mod, ljcocoa as mod, cabinets as super admin, dapeep as super admin, sickness as mod, bork bork as mod, ftp as mod, nexie as admin, console as senior mod, phantom as senior mod, tobi as mod, kasumi as super admin, nights as senior admin, grimace as mod, yeet as super admin, fuwa as mod, peepee as mod, and tuckinator as super admin.

those are all the ones i could remember


Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:19 pm
by Rick Kraut
Updated - make sure that you list someone by their current forum account name, or link their forum account, as that helps allot.

(If you see that something might be outdated, post it here so I can see it)


Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:11 pm
by Rick Kraut
while there is going to be a more official post in news and announcements, you can still add to it here.