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Post by djax » Fri Jun 14, 2019 6:42 am

So I made one of these on the old forums and one here, but It's severely outdated. Consider this the "About Me" page for djax.

About Me:
Hello there, I'm djax. I listen to a lot of music and play a lot of video games. You can catch me listening to just about any genre, but my personal favorites are Rock, Electronic, and Chill Rap. Some of my favorite artists are The Amity Affliction, Five Finger Death Punch, Cash Cash, Eden, Abstract, Ryan Caraveo, Hopsin, and Witt Lowry. My favorite games are GMod, CS:GO, LoL, and SMITE. If you ever need to reach me, just DM me on Discord @djax#5530.

My current standings for CRUSHED are Moderator on the DarkRP Team, Trial Moderator on the Forum Team, and I manage the Discord.

When I first joined the server, I was a good boy. After getting about 40 hours, I applied for DarkRP staff and I didn't have a single -1. I was well liked by the players and the staff. While my staff app was up on the forums, I met a man named Toe Nibbler. He had created a church, and recruited me, along side about 7 other people. We loaded up with guns and went out and genocided the blacks. I thought it was funny at the time, but soon after we started, I was banned for a week. I was also informed, that since I was banned, my staff app was denied instantly. I was pretty upset about this, and I started to go down a very mingey path. I quickly racked up a good warn count, and while I had 70 hours, I had 20+ warns. I reapplied with little effort, and my application was reviewed extremely negatively. Seeing this sparked a bit of a change in me. I went back to being a nice player that didn't break any rules. I would end up reapplying, and becoming Trial Moderator. During the three day period, I managed to rack up 255 sits in less than three days. I was quickly demoted because I MassRDMed while I was on duty, which is obviously not ideal behavior for a staff member. I was enraged when I got demoted, and became one of the most toxic players on the server, and quickly gained a reputation, that follows me to this day, just ask Grimace, he'll tell you. I eventually cleaned up my application and became Trial Moderator again. I managed to climb to Senior Moderator, becoming notorious for how strict I was. I ended up resigning due to being burnt out. After a month of not touching the server, I began to get back into it, and reapplied. That's essentially where I am right now, so now you know my story.
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Rick Kraut
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Post by Rick Kraut » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:27 pm

stinky anime boi
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