Discord Staff Introduction Guide

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Discord Staff Introduction Guide


Post by djax » Thu Apr 18, 2019 2:50 am

Welcome to the Discord Mod & Admin Guidelines, this should help you if you are ether signing up or have already signed up as DST. A quick little reminder to anyone who has signed up, we don't and won't allow too many Mods to come in the Discord at a time. Right now we don't have a maximum or minimum so just go ahead and apply!

>> English is the core language used on the server - using another language may result in being restricted.
>> No bullying or attempting to put anyone down.
>> Being involved with a restricted/restrained user's actions of breaking the rules will result in you getting restricted and/or restrained. (This applies to banned users too)
>> Voice and/or Text Chat spam is forbidden.
>> No posting any offensive content, this also applies to being, sexist, racist, ect..
>> Do not do anything to harm the server or otherwise exploit it.
>> No advertising anything. Note that Discord Invites, Server IPs and other things similar are also considered as advertising.
>> Don't cause drama, it's very frustrating.
>> NSFW should only be contained inside the #nut-hut channel.
>> No promoting Religious or Political content.
>> No malicious links.
>> Don't have disrespectful / inappropriate usernames or profile pictures.
>> Keep bots in #bot-commands.
>> Keep images and media in #random-and-meme. This includes any links. However, screenshots that quote someone are allowed in general. As long as it's SFW and appropriate
>> Do not spam pings.
>> If you are asked to provide your Steam Account by any of the higherups, then it's most likely because they believe you are alting. Failing to do so will result in a ban.
>> Do not attempt to impersonate staff.
>> If you are looking towards getting your VIP+/VIP rank on the Discord, please contact a @Discord Staff Team member
>> If you are caught ALTing you, along with your ALT, will be perma banned.
>> If you need assistance from @DarkRP Staff Team , you can speak to them in the #help-channel.
>> Bypassing chat filter will result in an instant restriction
>> If you use #darkrp to bypass an in game mute, you will lose access to the channel.
>> @Discord Staff Team have explicit discretion to apply their judgement on this as they see fit. - ( Contact our team if you have any questions about these rules.)

Reminder: As DST, you aren't immune to any of these. All rules apply to you, you should be a role model, not a dictator.

Trial Moderator Permissions:
-= Mee6 Commands =-
- !warn (user) [reason]
-= Dyno Commands =-
- ?warn (user) [reason]

Moderator Permissions:
(Keeps previous permissions)
-= Mee6 Commands =-
- !mute (user) [reason]
-= Dyno Commands =-
- ?mute (user) [reason]

Senior Moderator Permissions:
(Keeps previous permissions)
-= Mee6 Commands =-
- !unmute (user)
-= Dyno Commands =-
- ?unmute (user)
Also gains the permission to restrict and restrain people

Admin Permissions:
(Keeps previous permissions)
-= Mee6 Commands =-
- !kick (user) [reason]
-= Dyno Commands =-
- ?kick (user) [reason]

Senior Admin Permissions:
(Keeps previous permissions)
-= Mee6 Commands =-
- !tempban (user) [length in seconds] {reason}
- !ban (user) [reason]
-= Dyno Commands =-
- ?ban (user) [optional length] {reason}

Super Admin Permissions:
(Keeps previous permissions)
-= Mee6 Commands =-
- !slowmode [grace period in seconds]
- !unban (user) [reason]
-= Dyno Commands =-
- ?unban (user) [reason]

These are just the main commands that staff will get as you rise through the ranks. If you have any questions on other commands, or anything else, please contact Djax or Bubble Nugget.
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