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Post by Rick Kraut » Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:18 pm

Now, I know what you're thinking, what the fuck is nightmare-brew, new term I came up with.
also, just because this is suposed to be a really methed up game of dnd, that doesn't mean you can ignore the standard section rules: viewtopic.php?f=92&t=399
while alot of the rules can be thrown out of the window because of the style. only rules 1.3, 4, and 5 will be officially considered not used, since
1, you are going to get to reroll anyway,
2, real hard to meta-game when most if not everything is going to be homebrew,
3, min-maxing is going to be expected.
A small list of the custom "rules" I'll be running for this game.
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  • ANY and ALL requirements are nullified, (i.e. wizard can have dex proficiency in heavy armor.)
  • NO limitations to ability score, feats, items, or anything else you can think of.
  • Players can use any and all books and homebrew FROM ANY ADDITION and/or GAME that is related to DnD (do however note that the any addition any game could be considered super nightmare or some shit)
  • Players can have any ability, race, feat, items, and anything else, homebrew or otherwise.
    • Use lvl 20 rogue feats as a level 2 wizard with no levels in rouge
  • Multi class and prestige class anything, at any time.
  • Any weapon, any spell, any player.
  • Players can re roll any die they want.
  • Modify any item, spell, or anything else, and have it only apply to you. (do note for my own sanity, keep modifications to before said thing is introduced, you can add new items, but try to keep it minimum)
  • Do anything instantly
  • Advantage stacks, disadvantage is nullified by advantage for players, inverse for enemies (disadvantage stacks, advantage is nullified by disadvantage)
  • Add your own special rules, that can apply to anything but another player, (unless they agree to it)
  • Use spells anyway you want, however you want.
  • Any weapon, any way, however you want.
All NPC's, creatures, and items outside your "domain" as a player has to play by "my" rules, which, for the most part will be standard 5e.

Also, for the sake of sanity of everyone, please, any major modifications should be listed somewhere on your "character" page.
The point of this is to emulate super op shit, not to ruin other people's fun, try not to directly cause conflict between each other, the point is stupid fun, not minging and ruining people's day.


Game: Custom DnD 5e

Any Unique setting differences you'd like to mention: typical D&D stuff

Brief description of the world and or setting: most if not all of the world setting will be homebrew, but if you have a particular module or adventure you would like to suggest.

Notes to the player(s): make op stuff, but don't ruin other peoples fun. And expect attempts at hard counters to some, if not all, players to spice things up. I will try my best not to remove player agency, unless someone is actively trying to break the game, in which they might be removed from playing this particular thread, if not the whole section.

Expectations of the players: no rules lawyering that shit is going to be real bothersome if some people go all out. if we need to change a rule because of some wack ass crackhead shit that goes down so be it, but refrain from blowing the whole thread up, I will still ban people for that.

Any rule differences you might have: standard DnD 5e, but with any modules, and rule changes that players might want.
word count: 620

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