Devotion Mechanic

Characters, NPCs, Locations to entire Campains, if you have something you want to use, but just cant right now, feel free to share something you might think is useful. please, for the love of god tho, don't plagiarize though,
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Post by Rick Kraut » Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:30 pm

Players roll a d20 to see if their Devotion to their cause/god has granted them a buff.

On a long rest, player can devote their free time to devoting themselves to their cause.
1 | Player fucking dies for being such a failure to their cause (game breaking debuff)
2-5 | Player has a chance of a debuff of the DM's choosing
6-14 | Nothing happens
15-19 | Player receives a random buff of DM's choosing
20 | Player receives an overpowered buff bound to break the DM's game

Should players falter, it's up to their DM if they are to get a debuff, and/or disadvantage on their next devotion.

Some suggested buffs:
  • advantage on rolls (can be a set number)
  • advantage on rolls related to their cause/god
  • plot armor
  • attacks deal increased/double damage
  • Devotion related attacks deal increased/double damage
  • Enemies of their cause receive debuffs/disadvantage against player
Essentially all debuffs are the reverse of buffs
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