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DarkRP Memorial


Post by Rick Kraut » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:13 pm

a brave salute to our DarkRP staff team, for all the work they contributed to the community.

Sluge - Owner

abigaillmarie - Manager (former)
B1ue - Manager (former)
donny - Manager

rock - Head Admin

"kasumi" - Super Admin (former) [no account linked]
"OG stalin" - Super Admin (former) [no account linked]
" tuckinator" - Super Admin (former) [no account linked]
AGuyWhoLikesCabinets - Super Admin (former)
CRUSHED Yeet - Super Admin (former)
BhocolateBhipBookies - Super Admin (former)
Dapeep - Super Admin (former)
PeepZ part 2 - Super Admin (former)

LilAdvil(Nights) - Senior Admin (former)
FaZe Stalin - Senior Admin
GEKO - Senior Admin

Mayor Naheed Nenshi - Admin (former)
Nexie - Admin (former)
Rick Kraut - Admin (former)

"27club" - Senior mod (former) [no account linked]
"phantom" - Senior mod (former) [no account linked]
Console - Senior mod (former)
djax - Senior Mod (former)
Jacob - Senior Mod
NorthKyle - Senior Mod
zappy94 - Senior Mod

"bork bork" - Mod (former) [no account linked]
"ljcocoa" - Mod (former) [no account linked]
"fuwa" - Mod (former) [no account linked]
"peepee" - Mod (former) [no account linked]
"tobi" - Mod (former) [no account linked]
FTP - Mod (former)
Gookward - Mod (former)
Grimace - Mod (former)
_ooo - Mod (former)
rudevin2005 - Mod
Sickness - Mod (former)
Toe Nibbler - Mod (former)
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