A rouge and a [spell caster] go on an adventure together.

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Post by Rick Kraut » Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:37 pm

Game: DnD5e
Brief description of the world and or setting: your standard, generic dnd fantasy setting.

Notes to the player(s): 2 players, rouge and a spell caster (bard, wizard, sorcerer, warlock), going to do a one shot (to gage players) the dive into a game.
One shot will be low to mid level, players choice of level, then the real game will start between levels 1-4.
homebrew welcome in moderation.
Expectations of the players: I'm not expecting a lot of the two players, this could be a first time play for all I care, just for them to have a mild understanding of their characters by the time the game actually starts, don't expect too fast of a reply when engaging in advanced rules or concepts for dnd, but I'll try to keep up.
Any rule differences you might have: (to be added)

Going to start you two heading toward a cave, with a bounty on a target there. Feel free to do what you will of this information, and we can start just about anywhere from finding the bounty to being at the entrance of the cave, players choice.
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feel free to use the offtopic (bubble with two quotes for 'offtopic' conversation, or Out Of Character(OOC) when communicating, or another clear method of communicating when the game starts, as sometimes the line can blur
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