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Characters, NPCs, Locations to entire Campains, if you have something you want to use, but just cant right now, feel free to share something you might think is useful. please, for the love of god tho, don't plagiarize though,
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Post by Rick Kraut » Tue Oct 29, 2019 6:57 am

Heavily work in process as of right now, but will be completed at some point.
Some explanation: have you ever been bothered that you can only really have one active piece of armor per slot at a time?
Well now you can give your DM, or your self, a total headache with this totally not simple little set of equations.
For most peoples sanity, its recommended that you only have 3 active pieces or armor per slot

An inner layer dedicated more for vanity when armor is off/invisible (casual clothing),
A middle layer the recommended use for this slot would be light to medium armor,
And an outer layer dedicated for medium to heavy armor.

This should be compatible with static modifiers, but I doubt it, or this whole thing will be the most balanced as its more a concept.

If you are not using a more complex system for armor (hat, feet, and hand armor kinda stuff) just use the body ac column.

(note that this doc is going to take longer to make then this post, and it will be marked as completed when it is) 0% complete
word count: 191

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